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Dental X-ray Licensure (Radiation Safety)
Dental X-ray Licensure (Radiation Safety)

Dental X-ray Licensure (Radiation Safety)

October 19, 2021 - October 24, 2021

Time & Location

Oct 19, 2021, 5:00 PM – Oct 24, 2021, 6:00 PM

Clinical Location , 6522 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95765, USA

About the Event

We are a California Dental Board approved provider for the Radiation Safety Certification Course. This course meets all requirements to achieve the Radiation Safety Certification and is suitable for any member of the dental community; as it benefits dental assistants, sterilization techs, front office staff, and out of state dental assistants looking to acquire their California RDA license. The program outline for Radiation Safety includes 8 hours of didactic instruction, 12 hours of laboratory instruction, and 12 hours of clinical experience with patients. The didactic portion includes anatomical landmarks related to dental radiology, radiology basics, infection control, radiology equipment, film mounting and interpretation basics, and technique basics. A written exam will be given at the conclusion of the didactic portion. The laboratory portion includes infection control, exposure of bitewing, periapical, bisecting and paralleling technique as well as processing films, phosphor plates and digital imaging. At California Dental Educators we use the hand held NOMAD for exposure of x-rays. For clinical practice you will expose two sets of 4 bitewings and three sets of 18 full mouth series on a practice manikin. During the clinical patient portion you will bring in four patients at specified times of the course dates. Your patient criteria must meet requirements of no full mouth series, panoramic or cephalometric x-rays in the past year and all patients must have a written permission from a licensed dentist. Once the course has been completed and all competencies have been met, participants will receive a certificate which allows them to perform all dental radiographic techniques. We are dedicated to providing top notch training from experienced instructors within the pediatric and adult RDA fields. Instructors are carefully selected for their unparalleled commitment to maintaining a current curriculum in line with the Dental Board of California, demonstrated leadership skills, 10+ years of experience in the dental community, and dedication to the education and advancement of each student.


1. Current CPR for healthcare providers issued by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association

2. Completion of 8 hour Infection Control and 2 hour Dental Practice Act prior to clinical patients

Certification Requirements:

1. Written exam for Radiation Safety must be completed with a passing score.

2. Two sets of 4 bitewings must be completed using the provided practice manikins.

3. Three sets of 18 full mouth radiographs must be completed using the provided practice manikins.

4. Four sets of 18 full mouth radiographs to be completed on your clinical patients.

PPE Requirements:

CDC guidelines indicate that each student will need approximately the following PPE for the course:

  • 8 disposable face masks, level 2 or higher
  • 1 box of medical grade examination gloves appropriately fitted
  • 3 disposable isolation gowns or two long sleeved, knee length disposable lab jackets
  • Safety goggles or glasses with side shields
  • Face Shield (optional)

We are offering personalized PPE packs for students at an additional fee. For more information please contact us at

Course Schedule- Didactic Via Zoom

Tuesday October 19: 5pm-9pm didactic zoom

Wednesday October 20: 5pm-9pm didactic zoom 

Thursday  October 21: 5pm-9pm preclinical 

Friday October 22: 5pm-9pm preclinical

Saturday  October 23: 9am-1pm preclinical   

Saturday  October 23: 2pm-6pm clinical 

Sunday  October 24: 9am-6pm clinical

Course Schedule- Self Study

Thursday October 21: 5pm-9pm preclinical 

Friday October 22: 5pm-9pm preclinical

Saturday October 23: 9am-1pm preclinical   

Saturday October 23: 2pm-6pm clinical 

Sunday October 24: 9am-6pm clinical





  • Didactic Via Zoom


    October 19th- October 24th




  • Didactic Self Study


    October 29th- October 31st






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