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How Dentistry Impacted My Career

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

My career in dentistry has become full circle. It started with an interest in dentistry when I brought my children to a pediatric dentist (Dr. Cindy Weideman) and rounded out with writing dental assisting curriculum for future generations of dental professionals. Within the last 21 years, I have attained RDA licenses in California and Texas, a CDA license from the Dental Assisting National Board, and completed my associates degree in dental science.

After being inspired by the way Dr. Weideman’s employees enjoyed their interactions with patients, I quickly decided to go back to school, alongside raising two young children. I had found what would become a life-long passion for helping others through oral health. The eight months of dental assisting education was hard, but I got through it and loved every single moment. My respect and admiration for the instructors was unforgettable.

Soon after, I was honored to be hired at Weideman Pediatric Dentistry, the very office that inspired my career. I thought that I had learned everything I needed to know at school, but I was wrong. There was so much more to learn on the job, and I just could not get enough. I realized that school teaches the fundamentals but sitting chairside with the patient and working with the dentist and other RDAs advanced my skills beyond measure.

“This is my moment to do what I had always told my students, make a change, a change that will impact my life and career forever.”

After seven years of assisting, I felt the need to teach. I developed a second passion for dental education because I now understood how students feel when they are starting out, completely lost. I could help them to gain knowledge and skills to make patients safe and comfortable and work with the dental team, building their confidence for when they began their hands-on journey.

For twelve wonderful years I enjoyed training and graduating hundreds of dental assistants. I always told my students; “If you get up in the morning looking for excuses to call into work sick or perhaps dread the thought of walking through that door, it is time for a change.” Come to find out, my time for change came when Dr. Cindy called me and asked if I would like to help develop her new dental assisting education program, California Dental Educators.

Her vision is to have a cost-effective and enjoyable road to a dental assisting career for individuals who are unable to attend a formal dental assisting college because of time or financial constraints. She wants her students to be able to work and earn an income while they learn hands-on skills while taking courses at convenient times. As always, she is determined to have classes that are certified by the Dental Board of California and follow all health and safety guidelines.

Now I am back with Dr. Weideman where I am the Program Director, writing curriculum for California Dental Educators. This is my moment to do what I had always told my students, make a change, a change that will impact my life and career forever. California Dental Educators aligns with the vision I had when I brought my kids to the dentist for the first time and saw the enriching way dental assistants impact the lives of so many patients. This is my passion, this is my career, and I am proud to be working again for the most amazing dentist!

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