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PATHWAY to RDA Program 


Tax Deductible

Doctors &



*Pathway to RDA Module 1 Section 1-3

  • 8-Hour Infection Control


*Pathway to RDA Module 1 Section 4-6

  • Dental Practice Act

*Pathway to RDA Module 1 Section 7-9

  • Radiation Safety (X-Ray)

*Pathway to RDA Module 1 Section 1-9

  • Preliminary Exam Module 1

       * Introduction into Dentistry

*Pathway to RDA Module 2 Section 1

  • Preliminary Exam Module 2

       * Oh all the fun we can have

*Pathway to RDA Module 3 Section 1-2

  • Preliminary Exam Module 3

        * Dental Specialties

*Pathway to RDA Module 4 Section 1-2

  • Coronal Polish

  • Pit and Fissure

*Pathway to RDA Module 4 Section 3-5

  • Preliminary Exam Module  4

       *Certifications, Duties, Law, and                Organizations

*Pathway to RDA Module 1-4 

  • Final Examination

       *Putting all together to be                         ready for the RDA Exam

  • material with exams  * Learning material to complete during the in -office training.​​

Attention Doctors! We want to work with you to advance the skills of your staff. Our Pathway to RDA Program offers a clear and easy pathway that incorporates our California Dental Board approved courses from our core menu along with in-office training and sponsorship of a dentist to achieve the certificate of completion. Your employee will need the 15 months and 1280 hours to apply and take the Registered Dental Assistant exam. We have created a reimbursement program that is a win-win situation for you and your new dental assistant. Doctors pay California Dental Educators for the program, staff repays the doctor monthly, and the doctor decides if they would like to reimburse their staff for educational training. This can be a wonderful tax-deductible* program for doctors (please consult with your CPA) while continuing to establish an additional benefit for your staff. Studies show that when employers invest in education for staff, employees tend to value the job and continue employment longer. To learn more about this program, our reimbursement option, or how to take advantage of this tax-deductible write-off*, don't hesitate to contact us at or (916) 287-3222. 

* Again, this program can be used as a tax-deductible write-off for doctors who pay in full to sponsor their employees' education. Please consult your CPA for more details.  

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